Thursday, February 5, 2015

Welcome To Blodland

Welcome to my new blog and new ME!

I have decided to start a new ART persona so that the me in the real world does not have to compete with the me that is all about the painty, inky, colourful world of mixed media and art journals.  The world that gives me joy and helps me spread that joy and share it with others.    The Universe where self expression and living in the now are more important that e-mails and meetings and dirty floors.  

This will not be a fancy blog as I will dedicate my spare time to creating not blogging, but I will post what I have produced here. 

I love techniques where I can't quite work out how it was done and have come up with quite a few myself.  I am currently working on something pretty special which will be posted here soon I hope. 
I also love making my own journals, drawing of all kinds (landscapes, portraits, Manga, Doll figures and can't quite decide which I like best).   I collect art supplies with gusto and love using them in unusual ways. I attempt pottery :)  I love to write and pour out my feelings into my journals to capture those special little moments and thoughts to be savoured another day. I love to doodle and zentangle.   I love to stamp stamp stamp and stamp again (these are my first and ever true love).  And finally I love to share art with as many people as possible.    

I am by no means brilliant at any one of the ways I express myself, nor do I want to be.  This is a passion and an outpouring of creativity which is a means to its own end which may or may not have a cool product at the end.   

I am ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS and enjoying the journey without too much care for the destination. 

So if you love expressing yourself, getting messy, playing with all sorts of art media and living in the now we are kindred spirits. 

I hope you like what I put here .


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